Corporate Core Values

Customer first:

Customers’ demands should always be put in the first place to satisfy by Terrence staff. We deeply realize that this company could obtain development opportunity and the staff could have a stage to show talents only if customers are satisfied.

Responsibility oriented:

The braveness to take responsibilities and heartfelt sense of responsibility are the necessary conditions to serve customers and the fundamental conditions of company business.

Creating value:

The significance of Terrence should firstly create values for customers, bring profits to customers and gain recognition of customers. Then we consider the values created for company staff, cooperation partners and all shareholders.

Realizing our dream:

As having ambitions helps realize our dreams, the stage of Terrence is built for ambitious person. All the staff get together showing the common Terrence spirit, saying the same Terrence words, doing the joint Terrence business and realizing shared dreams. Terrence is to be the leader in the energy equipment industry.