Brand Definition

Terrence brand typeface leans 12.5 degrees to the right with its color starting with dark blue and shading to light blue. It symbolizes the gas transportation process, the harmony and balance of tradition and innovation, and embodies Terrence’s good understanding of human-based design and perfect pursuit of products.

This brand was created by recombining based on all advantages in March, 2007. All shareholders unanimously believed that one company name & brand which was able to represent interior spirit was urgently needed. Therefore, TERRENCE was created by eight initials taken from the words with powerful corporate spirits as below:


Henceforth, Terrence spirits thoroughly spread across every employee’s body and blood and gain high recognition among all staff. Each of Terrence person serves our customers, devotes himself or herself to energy equipment industry and promotes the development of energy application by showing these spirits.

P&L gas regulator

Terrence owns gas safety shut-off valve, self-operated pressure regulator and electric control valve. These brands came from Britain. Terrence was named in order to extend gratitude to Paul & Loughran Ltd. because of its product technology assistance, and show respect to predecessors’ creative work.

Terrence signed a series of agreements with Paul & Loughran Ltd. including technology transfer, equity investment and brand promotion, ensuring that Terrence gas safety shut-off valve, self-operated pressure regulator and electric control valve achieved development and innovation, as well as promotion and application around the world.